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Hi Audrey! I can’t believe it’s time to head back to school! Do you have any suggestions on how I can help continue to prioritize self-care?

Back to School, Back to Self-Care

Dear Back to School, Back to Self-Care,

It is so smart to get ahead and plan out your new back to school routine now! Change in routine is challenging for so many different reasons. As we get ready to go back to school (either ourselves, or our children) it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle & forget to continue to prioritize ourselves and our skincare routines.


Luckily, Spa Luxetique has you covered! Whether you are returning to school, have a child returning, or want to thank a teacher you know, their gift sets are the perfect go-to purchase. Right now, through September 5th, Spa Luxetique is offering $15 off all purchases over $90. All of the sets on promotion right now come in a fashionable & reusable tote or hand bag. These are perfect to carry your books in and will be sure turn heads in the hallway. The other great part? They come in almost every scent you could want. From rose, to vanilla, lavender, Tahiti, to white jasmine and beyond, there is a scent to match your mood and back to school vibe. Also, as always, Spa Luxetqiues products are made with natural and nourishing ingredients that are great for your skin. With ingredients such a shea butter, vitamin E and sunflower seed oil, these products will keep your skin looking and feeling its best.


Good luck in the new school year! Let me know which items you select from the Spa Luxetique promotion in the comment section below!

Love and well wishes,


August 13, 2021 — Audrey C

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