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Hi Audrey! I love matching my scent to my mood! I am pretty adventurous with scent, but I am buying a gift for someone and I was wondering what your top scent selections would be for a gift for someone I don’t know that well?

Searching for Scents

Dear Searching for Scents,

I agree with you, scent is personal, and I also love to match my scent to my mood! Whenever I buy a gift for someone, I don’t know that well I always turn to the top three trusty scents: Lavender, Vanilla & Rose. These three scents are universally loved & not polarizing at all! Lavender if a great scent as it is naturally relaxing. Lavender naturally relaxes your mind, body & spirit and is great for someone who is dealing with stress and looking for a way to relax. Vanilla is loved by EVERYONE! I truly believe you will never meet anyone who says, “I don’t like vanilla”. Rose is also a great scent because it is “romantic.” This does not necessarily mean for a partner, but for yourself too. It is a scent that makes you feel in touch with your inner self and relaxed. All three of these scents will be loved by everyone and well received! Below are three great gifts in these amazing scents:

  • Lavender Bath Tote: This bag is beautiful & so versatile. It includes two bath bombs (which are made with shea butter and won’t stain your tub!), one hand wash, one hand cream., one shower gel, one body lotion, one body butter, one bubble bath, one bath salt and one bath loofah.
  • Vanilla Bath Tote: This set includes two bath bombs, one hand soap, one had cream, one shower gel, one body lotion, one body butter, one bubble bath, one bath salt (so great for sore & tired muscles!) and one bath loofah.
  • Rose Bath tote: This tote is the PERFECT pink! This set includes: two bath bombs, a hand soap, a hand cream, a shower gel, a body lotion, a body butter, a bubble bath, a bath salt and a bath loofah.

All three of these sets come in a beautiful bag that is large enough to be completely versatile in use! These three scents Lavender, Vanilla & Rose are great for everyone in your life, weather you know their “scent profile” or not! Let me know in the comments below which scent you choose! 

Love and well wishes,


September 18, 2021 — Audrey C

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