Have you used a bath bomb before?

We wouldn't be surprised if you had! 

Bath bombs are quite popular among people of all ages and used in almost all parts of the world. If you're not familiar with them, they are small balls of soapy material that quickly and readily dissolve in warm water and create a spinning spectacle, a colorful mosaic-like pattern. 

In addition, bath bombs are also effervescent, which spreads the aroma all throughout the bathroom. Using a bath bomb is a wonderful experience that makes soaking in the tub so much more enjoyable. There are also health and skin benefits to using bath bombs as well!

Let's look at some tips on how to use bath bombs for the best results!

What are bath bombs and how do they work?

Bath bombs are a fantastic way to make your bath more exciting and enjoyable.

You have endless choices of bath bombs because they're available in many beautiful colors and fragrances, shapes, and sizes and contain nourishing oils, moisturizing butters, and salts. 

But what is the best way to use this fizz ball of happiness?  

Bath bombs contain common ingredients like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, and fragrance elements like lavender, chamomile, or other ingredients. Unlike shampoos and soaps, they aren't synthetic concoctions. Bath bombs contain natural scent, color ingredients, and sometimes sparkle-inducing components.

Do bath bombs actually do anything?

A bath bomb can include salt that raises the salinity of the water when it dissolves. Your skin absorbs necessary minerals as the salinity rises, which increases the salt concentration in your skin, causing it to absorb extra.

Bath bombs can even offer some health benefits, for example, they can help loosen and relax muscles and fight insomnia. A regular bathing routine with bath bombs can increase total health and productivity.

They also add emollients and softeners to the water. This helps detoxify and moisturizes your skin and makes skin smoother and brighter. 

Do you put a bath bomb in before or after you get in?

It's always best to wait and let the bath bomb dissolve in the bath tub before you decide to immerse yourself into that aromatic and colorful abyss. 

The bath bomb will fizz around while dissolving in the water, creating bubbles and a calming experience. If you do it as you hop into the bath, the balls spinning may be interrupted. It would be best to let it finish dissolving before you get into the bathtub. 

How do you take a bath with a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are a cool and exciting element to add to your bath time routine; they come in various shapes, colors, scents, and forms. Their appearances are beautiful in and out of the bath, as some have petals and sparkles or glitter inside. 

Bath bombs can also include oils and butter such as hazelnut oil, shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. 

The best advice we can give is to buy bath bombs that appeals to you for its colorants and scent. If you have sensitive skin or other skin problems, search for one that has extra oils and moisturizing butter for added cleansing and hydration. 

Once you have selected your bath bomb, it's simple to use. The method of use is the same for all! Discover how to use a bath bomb below.

Step 1: Prepping your bath

Fill your tub with water at a comfortable bath temperature. Once you're satisfied, turn off the faucet. Get everything else ready for a relaxing soak. If you wish, you might want to enhance your bath experience by adding a few candles, bath oil, and soft music. Sometimes turning your baths into a spa-like experience can work wonders and create the ultimate relaxation environment!

Step 2: Place the bath bomb in the bathwater

When dropped into the water, your favorite bath bomb begins fizzing and releasing all the healthy ingredients such as oils, butters, and salts into the water.

Step 3: Once in the hot bath, take a deep breath and relax!

Relax, close your eyes, meditate, or you could even read something while sitting in the tub. The bath bomb will break down in the water, releasing bubbles and filling the tub with nutritious and hydrating butters and oils.

A few bath bombs come with other materials like petals, sparkles, and color. Take time to enjoy the mix of scent and moisturizing oils soaking into your skin, and let the experience enhance your mood. It's an incredibly calming way to relax and pamper yourself after a long day.

Of course, you can use a bath bomb any time of the day, but we suggest using it before bed, so you have a better night sleep. This is where scent selection is important, lavender naturally relaxes your mind, body and spirit, so it is the perfect scent to use before a restful night sleep.

Step 4: Don't soak for too long

After some time, once you let the bath bomb work its magic, exit the tub and pat your skin dry with a towel. Next, wipe any remaining bath oils from yourself, remove the plug to drain the water away.

Step 5: Rinse your bathtub!

Rinsing is a must after any bath bomb experience. Some bath bombs contain colors that can discolor your bath. It is easier to rinse any pigments away while still moist. 

Scrape any residue off the tub by rubbing it with a sponge or brush. If your bath has any petals or sparkles, you can either pluck them out or sluice them down the drain by pouring water over them. Our petal bath bombs are biodegradable so they will not harm your drain.


In conclusion, fizzy bath bombs are an exhilarating invention, and they are easy to use as well. As we mentioned, they are not only fun, but good for your skin and well-being as well!

They can be used in many other ways, too, rather than just bathing. But if you want to use a bath bomb for bathing, it's easy! They're also the perfect gift for others for birthdays and holidays instead of bubble baths.

If you're looking to buy some, we recommend you try our bath bombs at Spa Luxetique at incredible prices. We also have other essential bathing products, so you don't need to look around in other places.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you use a bath bomb without a bathtub?

There are a few alternatives to using a bath bomb without having to fill a bath. You can use it to prepare a foot bath. Take a large bowl and add a small piece of the bath bomb. Once it fizzes and releases all the ingredients into the water, you can soak your feet in it.

You can also drop a bath bomb inside your shower. Let it fizz and release its soothing oils into the steam created by the hot water as it hits the floor. Bath bombs are ideal for use in steam showers.

Or use a bath bomb as a fragrant air freshener by hanging it on a piece of cloth in the bathroom.

You can also break it down into a powder and create a good scrub for your skin.

2. Do you use a whole bath bomb at once?

Bath bombs are pricey, but you can extend their life by slicing them in two with a knife. Use one half for bathing and save the other half for another time.

If you use half of the bath bomb, preserve the remaining half by covering it in saran wrap and storing it. You may also use a sealed jar to store your bath bomb, such as a glass one. Keep the bath bomb completely dry before using it; humidity will cause it to soften and melt. Of course, if you use half of the bath bomb, you will get half of the effect.

3. Do bath bombs clean you?

Yes, they do - just like a shower gel or bubble bar. They don't just clean you while you soak; a fizzy bath bomb can even soften your skin, hydrate dry skin and even help detox and soothe sensitive skin. They also create an incredible after-bath smell and help reduce body odor.

4. How long should you take a bath with a bath bomb?

The ideal time in a tub with hot water and a bath bomb is about 15 to 20 minutes. After this time, your hot bath water cools down, your cue to get out and drain the bath water.

Also, make sure that you clean the tub with a damp cloth so that the stains left by the pigments in the bath bomb do not dry and stain the bath. Our bath bombs are especially formulated to not stain your tub and reduce clean up time! However, we still suggest rinsing the tub quickly after a soak.

5. Should I shower after a bath bomb?

After using a bath bomb, you don't have to shower. If the bath bomb contains flower petals, sparkles, strong fragrances, or powerful oils, you may desire to shower after since they may adhere to your body.

If you decide to shower, use minimal soap so that your skin does not lose the moisturizing benefits of the bath bomb.

6. Can you rub a bath bomb on your skin?

You may use small amounts of the bath bomb to exfoliate your skin better. Though scrubbing with a piece of the bath bomb has many benefits because it contains moisturizing bath oil, avoid overdoing it, as it may cause skin irritation and other issues. Small amounts generally do not pose a problem but doing anything in excess is not recommended.

7. Can you wash your hair with bath bomb water? 

Yes, it won't harm your hair. The majority of the ingredients are moderate. For the remainder of the day, you will smell like your bath bomb. Of course, we recommend using bath bombs for their intended use.

Individual components in your bath bomb might have various impacts on your hair if used in high enough quantities. Most of them will be softening and purifying. In conclusion, yes, it is safe to wash your hair in bath bomb water.

February 18, 2022 — Audrey C