Do you wish you had healthy, beautiful, and flawless skin? 

If so, you should follow the advice of dermatologists. Many dermatologists recommend adding body scrubs to your skin care routine. Body scrubs give you radiant skin, along with other fantastic benefits. 

Read below to find out everything you need to know about the benefits of body scrub and why you should use body scrub in the shower or bath.

What is a body scrub?

A body scrub is an exfoliator made of fine, coarse granules with a liquid base. The abrasive particles in a body scrub help to eliminate dead skin cells. They can consist of any ingredient, such as sugar, salt, and oatmeal. Plus, body scrubs also contain many other natural and organic exfoliating substances. If you want healthy skin, you should make them part of your skincare routine.

What does a body scrub do?

A body scrub removes dead and dry skin cells. Turnover of skin cells may sometimes be slow, which leads to the buildup of cells on the top layer of the skin, resulting in dull, flaky, or scaly skin.

The solution for this is quite simple. Use an exfoliating body scrub during bath times as part of your skin care routine. A body scrub removes dead skin cells, improves skin cell turnover, and leaves skin feeling soft.

Failing to exfoliate will lead to dry and rough skin with no healthy glow. It also leads to various other complications and drawbacks. Dead skin robs you of a youthful, fresh glow, so you appear much older than you are! It could lead to the trapping of oils and impurities beneath the surface. 

When skin becomes clogged with impurities, it may lead to itching, breakouts, and acne. Also, specks of dirt and pollutants can contribute to ingrown hair. In hot and humid climates, your skin is bound to become a breeding place for germs and bacteria. You can get rashes, infections, and other complications. 

What happens if you don't exfoliate?

If you don't exfoliate, your pores can get clogged with dead cells that sit on top of each other. The new, clear cells underneath the old ones don't stuff get the benefits of the incredible ingredients found in skin care products like Vitamin A and retinoic acid. Your skin is then more likely to get dry, which will lead to increased cell turnover - these calluses can show up as lines or wrinkles or as red patches.

If you're not convinced, try using a simple homemade sugar body scrub and see how fantastic your face looks afterward!

What are the benefits of body scrubs?

An exfoliating body scrub provides many benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Increases blood circulation:  Another advantage of body scrub is that they encourage blood flow underneath the skin's surface. Better blood circulation results in fluids draining from the lymph nodes, which is a health benefit.
  • Unclog pores: The tiny openings of the skin can get clogged with trapped dead cells under the skin's surface. Body scrubs help unclog the skin gently and release toxins for fresher, cleaner skin and reduce the likelihood of body acne.
  • Soften rough, dry skin: Use warm water, an exfoliating body scrub, and a slightly damp cloth to gently rub in a circular motion to smooth dry, rough patches. The body scrub leaves skin soft and smooth. Apply moisturizer after exfoliating.
  • Clear blemishes and bumps: Dead cells and trapped toxins can cause breakouts. Use gentle scrubbing as part of your regular body care routine to remove any buildup of dirt, toxins, and other residues.
  • Make acne scars less visible: Using physical exfoliants stimulates new, brighter skin, so facial scarring and dark blemishes become less visible and, over time, can even vanish!
  • Moisturize the skin: Regular exfoliation using body scrubs opens up the pores and allows them to absorb moisturizer more easily. Extra moisture keeps cells hydrated and produces a fresh look.
  • Act as a stress relief: The gentle massage effect of the abrasive ingredients in body scrubs has a tremendous psychological impact. This calming process is bound to help you relax and destress, as it releases serotonin which enhances mood and intensifies sleep.
  • Make skin look younger: Looking younger doesn't need anti-aging magical spells. Regular exfoliation eliminates old, dull skin and keeps you looking youthful.
  • Helps in removing ingrown hairs: Small ingrowing hairs usually remain unchecked. Regular scrubbing can help prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Improves skin hydration: Exfoliating opens your pores, which helps to hydrate your body better, as the body can absorb moisture more easily.
  • Act as a long-lasting fragrance: Enjoy your favorite scent while exfoliating with a fragrant bath scrub. You'll smell like your favorite flower or fruit all day long!
  • Soften body hair and ease hair removal: When you exfoliate, it softens body hair and, at the same time, removes some of the finer ones, which prevents ingrown hairs.
  • Lessen hyperpigmentation cells appearance: Body scrubs are essential for knees and elbows since they smoothen and brighten these rough areas. Exfoliating also lessens the effects of hyperpigmentation.
  • Helps to treat keratosis pilaris: This is when the skin produces too much of a protein called keratin. Keratosis pilaris can block hair follicles and cause bumps to develop. Exfoliating is a simple remedy for reducing the symptoms.

Are there any side effects of using body scrubs?

The benefits of using a scrub as part of your regular body care are many. But it could also cause side effects if not done correctly. Use only proven ingredients, and avoid very rough scrubs, which can cause blisters. Also, using a sea salt body scrub on bruises, cuts, or wounds will burn and aggravate any inflammation. Avoid over-exfoliating as it causes damage.

Using body scrub too much can disrupt the top surface of the skin leading to various problems such as making the skin more sensitive to UV rays and sunburn. There are different exfoliators for different skin types. If in doubt, seek advice from your dermatologist. Some chemicals used in non-organic scrubs can block pores, cause whiteheads, or infect hair follicles (folliculitis). They may also cause the darkening of blemishes. That's why choosing the right type of bath scrub and knowing how to use it are vital.

What are the types of body scrubs?

The benefits of a bath scrub increase if you choose the right ingredients for exfoliation. Various types of bath scrubs are available. Choose depending on your skin type and the target area to be exfoliated.

  • Salt scrub: A salt scrub is the roughest exfoliator and works well on hardened skin areas. Though it works magic on oily or acne-prone skin, it is not suitable for sensitive skin, as it is too coarse. The presence of magnesium and sulfate in a salt scrub helps it detoxify acne-prone skin and reduce inflammation. Salt also has natural antiseptic properties that kill bacteria and help reduce acne. Salt scrubs are ideal for use on heels, feet, and elbows, which need an exfoliating agent like salt to smoothen these areas.
  • Sugar scrub: The sugar granules in sugar scrubs are fine, making them suitable for sensitive skin, unlike salt. A sugar scrub is a natural source of humectant (moisturizer), therefore hydrating the skin. Popular sugar scrub products also contain alpha-hydroxy and glycolic acid (AHAs), which work naturally as chemical exfoliators and encourage faster cell turnover and smooth skin. Who said sugar is bad for you?
  • Herbal scrubs: These come with various ingredients, and the benefits are in the form of trace minerals depending upon the herb the scrub contains. Popular herbs that provide an exhilarating body scrub experience include green herbs and lavender, apricot, and orange peel. Natural plant-based natural scrubs undergo crushing, making a super gentle exfoliator ideal for scrubbing soft skin, unlike salt and sugar. The added benefits of vitamins and antioxidants in herbal body scrubs make them fantastic.
  • Grains, nuts, & seeds: This type of bath scrub includes ingredients such as oatmeal, berry fibers, groundnut shells, or seeds. They also contain other plant-based abrasives and come jam-packed with antioxidant and moisturizing properties, making them very soothing for dry, flaky, or damaged areas.
  • Coffee body scrubs: A coffee body scrub does the same job as a traditional exfoliator, but with the use of coffee grounds in place of scrubbing particles typically found in other products. Coffee scrubs are gently soaked in lukewarm water for anywhere from 5-15 minutes before being used on your face or body so that it fully dissolves into a lather without any gritty texture. This process produces an aromatic foam that cleanses while unclogging pores. The caffeine helps loosen sebum buildup and clears out dirt, debris, and impurities.

There are other types of body scrubs, such as coconut oil and brown sugar scrubs, too. SPA Luxetique offers a wide range of exfoliating body scrubs and skin care products designed to keep your skin youthful, glowing, and healthy.


Overall, adding a bath scrub to your routine has many benefits and can work wonders for your skin. When you use body scrub, it helps soothe razor bumps, reduce cellulite, aid blood circulation, remove dead skin cells, moisturize, and much more, leaving you with beautiful skin.

Do you want a youthful glow? Then your skincare routine should include bath scrubs. After all, your skin deserves some pampering!

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Are body scrubs good for your body?

Yes! Some more aggressive exfoliation techniques can leave skin dry and itchy, but gentle rubbing in circular motions with a body scrub can help leave your skin feeling softer and smoother. A body scrub has the added benefit of being more hydrating by using products such as coconut oil or honey to slough off dead cells from the surface while leaving behind moisturizing ingredients for a healthier-looking glow.

Does body scrub remove dead skin?

Yes, bath scrubs are exfoliators and remove dead skin cells from your body. You should always rinse well after use. If used regularly, a body scrub helps you maintain radiant skin. All bath scrubs provide benefits, but some more than others depending on brand and ingredients.

Does body scrub remove dark spots?

The ingredients in body scrub serve many purposes, such as exfoliation and stopping skin irritation. Spots are an element of the skin, so regular use of bath scrubs can help remove dark spots, in the long run, leaving skin softer and smoother.

How many times a week should I use a body scrub?

Full body exfoliation two or three times a week is ideal for most people. But, if your skin is sensitive, it may be best to use a body scrub only once a week. Using a body scrub excessively or too many different body wash products can diminish the benefits of doing a full-body scrub.

Does body scrub lighten skin?

Yes. When you use a body scrub, the scrubbing motion helps break down the top layer of skin where the pigment molecules reside and tighten up tissues, allowing new cells to form. This stimulation of the surface cells with repeated exfoliation will cause them to produce new and "lighter" skin pigments, which will give you a healthy glow.

February 18, 2022 — Audrey C