Halloween, celebrated every year on October 31st, is an exciting holiday with ancient roots. Its origin can be traced back to ancient Celtic traditions, where it was believed that on this day, spirits and evil entities would return to the earthly realm. As a result, people began dressing in various costumes and masks to disguise themselves, warding off malevolent spirits. While today's Halloween may no longer serve the purpose of driving away evil spirits, it still retains many intriguing traditions.

Halloween Traditions

During this holiday, you'll see people donning a wide array of costumes, ranging from cute animals to scary zombies, and even superheroes and movie characters - the choices are endless. Pranks are also a part of this holiday, as children in costume go door-to-door, demanding candies, while playfully threatening tricks if treats aren't provided. This tradition is famously known as "trick-or-treating."

Another Halloween tradition involves carving pumpkin lanterns. People purchase large pumpkins, then carve various scary or amusing faces into them using knives. Finally, candles are placed inside the pumpkins, causing them to glow in the darkness. These pumpkin lanterns have become one of Halloween's iconic symbols.

Relaxation After the Revelry

After participating in a full day of Halloween festivities, you may feel weary. At this point, one of the best ways to unwind is by indulging in a relaxing and comfortable bath. You can prepare some scented candles, light them up, fill your bathtub, and add bubble bath or bath salts. In the warm water, you can quietly enjoy a tranquil moment, washing away the fatigue of the day, while contemplating this fun holiday. This moment belongs to you, allowing you to rejuvenate and prepare for a new day.

Suitable Fragrances


Lavender is a renowned relaxation scent, widely used to promote sleep and alleviate stress. After Halloween activities, this fragrance can help you relax tense nerves and restore balance to your body.

Citrusy Orange and Lemon

Citrus scents are typically fresh and pleasant, known to uplift spirits and increase vitality. If you're feeling tired, these fragrances can help you regain energy and feel refreshed.

Sandalwood or Cedarwood

These woody scents contribute to physical and mental relaxation, bringing a sense of calm. They can help you regain composure during your bath, shedding the excitement of the activities.

Sweet Strawberry

Fruit scents are generally sweet and delightful, providing a pleasant sensation. They can help you relax, making your bath a joyful experience.

Cool Mint

Minty scents are refreshing and invigorating, suitable for use when fatigued. They can help you feel refreshed and alert, alleviating headaches or discomfort


The warm and soothing scent of coconut is ideal for relaxing your body during a bath. It can make you feel cozy and at ease.


Whether you've spent a cheerful "trick-or-treat" night with family or admired the splendor of pumpkin lanterns, the Halloween celebration is filled with laughter and fun. However, as the night falls, don't forget to experience warmth and tranquility, savoring the precious moments after celebrating a holiday filled with laughter and mystery. May your Halloween be joyful and relaxing!

September 28, 2023 — Qiu Tina

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