Lavender Rose Symphony Bundle

$97.99 USD $139.98


It's the perfect way to start your day feeling fresh and end your work or classes in absolute serenity. Upgrade your daily routine now with our Lavender Rose Symphony Bundle including two lavish sets for unmatched self-care (total 20 items).

🌹 12pc Rose Water Gift Set (Tote Bag)
A bouquet of rejuvenation. From body lotion to bubble bath, every product is enriched with the romantic fragrance of roses, bringing a sense of freshness and vitality, perfect for starting each day on a positive note.

🌿 8pc Lavender Dream Gift Set
Step into a soothing realm of calm, with products all infused with the serene scent of lavender. Each use promises to transport you to fields of purple blooms, helping you unwind after a day of hard work or study.

It’s Bubble Time!

Set Contents

8pc Lavender Dream Gift Set * 1
12pc Rose Water Gift Set (Tote Bag) * 1

Experience perfect harmony with our Lavender Rose Symphony Bundle – a luxurious blend of Lavender Dream and Rose Water, with 20 pieces for ultimate relaxation (valued at $139.98). 8-piece Lavender Dream Gift Set featuring soothing bubble bath, silky body cream, and more. 12-piece Rose Water Gift Set with an energizing Body Scrub, revitalizing Body Oil, and chic tote. Dive in and enjoy the perfect union of tranquility and romance. Transform your self-care, or give the gift of serenity to someone special today.