Luxe Scented Sensations Bundle

$109.99 USD $167.94


Step into a world of scented luxury with our irresistible Luxe Scented Sensations Bundle, valued at an incredible $167.94 for its 20 items.

🛍️ 8PC Lavender Dream Gift Set
Relax with lavender in our 8-piece collection. From soothing bubble bath to silken body cream, each item is a serene escape. Perfect for you or a cherished one.

💛 8PC Warm Vanilla Gift Set
Treat yourself or loved ones to the gift of tranquility with our Warm Vanilla Gift Set. Wrap yourself in the inviting fragrance, renew your body, and uplift your spirits.

💜 Lavender Dream Shower Gel & Body Cream
Transcend the ordinary with Lavender Dream Shower Gel and elevate your shower routine with the calming scent of lavender.
Incorporating subtle yet captivating notes of lavender, this cream is a well-balanced blend of soothing and hydrating ingredients.

💚 Eucalyptus Mint Bubble Bath & Body Cream
Submerge in the exhilarating scents of eucalyptus and mint from the comfort of your bathtub.
This body cream is infused with natural ingredients like eucalyptus oil that revitalize and restore your delicate skin barrier, imbued with the healing powers of nature.

This bundle is your scented ticket to a fun-filled spa journey that's worth every penny.

It’s Bubble Time!

Set Contents

8PC Lavender Dream Gift Set * 1
8PC Warm Vanilla Gift Set * 1
Lavender Dream Shower Gel * 1
Lavender Dream Body Cream * 1
Eucalyptus Mint Bubble Bath * 1
Eucalyptus Mint Body Cream * 1

Discover a paradise of fragrances worth $167.94 with our Luxe Scented Sensations Bundle! Enjoy Lavender Dream's 8pc Gift Set and Warm Vanilla's 8pc Gift Set. Relax with Lavender Dream Shower Gel and Body Cream. Refresh with Eucalyptus Mint Bubble Bath and Body Cream. Elevate your everyday with this heady selection of scents that invigorate the senses and nourish the soul. Indulge yourself or share the love with someone special. Escape reality with this luxurious bundle!