Lavender Dream Body Scrub

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Self-care should be an uplifting ritual, and the Lavender Dream body scrub is the perfect way to incorporate that into your routine. Discover the joy that comes with a wellness regimen that helps you look your best and feel your best.

Package notes: Infused with natural lavender oil and gently exfoliating ingredients, our body scrub is enticing and luxurious. The delicate fragrance of lavender brings a world of calmness and relaxation while its luxurious exfoliants complete your shower routine.

It’s Bubble Time!


• Top: Lemon, Lavender
• Middle: Mint, Herb, Violet
• Base: Sandalwood, Woody, Ambergris


Grape seed oil, Almond oil, Lavender oil, Collagen.

• No Paraben/Phthalates
• Gluten free/No Artificial Dyes
• Not tested on animals

Relax and re-energize with our Lavender Dream Body Scrub. Enjoy the calming benefits of natural lavender oil combined with luxuriously exfoliating ingredients. Rejuvenate your skin while treating yourself to the joy of self-care with a ritual that helps you look and feel your best.