"Thanks a Vanilliom" Gifts for Bridemaids (5 Bags)

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Envelop your bridesmaids in vanilla's soothing embrace with this gift set.

The creamy bubble bath dissolves stress with each sip of its vanilla essence. Smooth velvet lotion leaves skin nourished and faintly scented like vanilla orchids. Fizzy vanilla-rich bath bombs transform tub time into a spa-like escape. And the soy candle fills the air with cozy notes of vanilla and warmth.

Presented in a pretty tote bag, each product provides a pampering, sensory experience. This indulgent vanilla-kissed collection uplifts the spirit and renews the body. It's a heartfelt way to thank your bridesmaids for their sweet friendship.

Set Quantity
Set Contents

One Package includes five sets of the following items:
Shower Gel 200ml
Bubble Bath 200ml
Body Cream 100ml
Body Oil 55ml
Candle 75g
Body Scrub 120g
Epsom Bath Salts 100g
Bath Bomb 2* 50g
Fragrance Mist 115ml
Body Brush * 1
Slippers * 1
Tote Bag * 1


• Vanilla, Cream, Caramel


Shower gel/bubble bath:
• Vanilla oil/aloe/vitamin E/castor oil

Body cream/hand cream:
• Vanilla oil/shea butter/coconut oil/sunflower seed oil/vitamin E

Bubble bath:
• Vanilla oil/aloe/vitamin E/castor oil

Body oil:
• Grape seed oil/coconut oil/sunflower seed oil/almond oil/vitamin E/shea butter

Body scrub:
• Vanilla oil/grape seed oil/almond oil/collagen

Bath bomb:
• Vanilla oil/coconut oil/vitamin E/shea butter

• No Paraben/Phthalates
• Gluten free
• Not tested on animals

12pc Warm Vanilla Gift Set - Spa Luxetique

Experience the hug-like feeling of SPA Luxetique Warm Vanilla Gift Set, a blissful assortment of 12 pieces full of the luxuriant scent of vanilla. Let its calming aroma dissolve your daily worries and transport you to pure tranquility. This sweet fragrance encourages warmth and contentment.This Set includes lavish bubble bath, plush body cream, decadent bath bombs, reassuring candle, and nourishing body scrub, plus a multi-functional tote. Each item gives you a nourishing pampering experience, generating serenity and joy. Treat yourself or someone special to a gift of serenity. Let the inviting vanilla fragrance reinvigorate your body, lift your mood, and wrap you up in pure joy.