Floral Coastal Fusion Bundle

$62.99 $89.98


Experience a floral escape with our Floral Coastal Fusion Bundle. Valued at $89.98, this bundle features 11 refreshing items that will transport you to oceanic serenity.

🌹8PC Rose Water Gift Set
Unwind in the serene scent of rose water with this romantic 8-piece gift set! Delight your senses and treat you and your loved one to a luxurious bathing experience.

🌊2PC Ocean Breeze Shower Mousse
Elevate your shower experience with the enchanting Ocean Breeze Shower Mousse, which adds a touch of refreshing magic to your routine.

💜1PC Moonlight Magic Body Oil
Enhance your well-being with the natural benefits of lavender oil.

Elevate your self-care routine with this floral fiesta. Get ready to ride the wave of rejuvenation!

It’s Bubble Time!

Set Contents

8PC Rose Water Gift Set *1
2PC Ocean Breeze Shower Mousse *1
Moonlight Magic Body Oil *1

Dive into a coastal floral adventure with our Floral Coastal Fusion Bundle. Valued at $89.98, this treasure trove of 11 items will whisk you away to oceanic bliss.
Revive with the 8-piece Rose Water Gift Set, featuring a delightful blend of products infused with the enchanting essence of roses. Unveil soft, glowing skin with the 2PC Ocean Breeze Shower Mousse, adding a touch of seaside indulgence to your routine. Complete your oasis with the Moonlight Magic Body Oil, infusing your skin with an ethereal radiance.
Unleash oceanic vibes with this bundle. Ready for a floral adventure?