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Hi Audrey! My Mom’s birthday is coming up and I don’t have any idea what to get her! I feel like she has everything she could need or want. She is always doing so much for me and my brother, that she rarely has time to care for herself. Do you have any suggestions on what I can gift her that says “treat yourself” in a special way?

Mission: Make Mom feel Special


Dear Make Mom feel Special,

As a Mother myself, I must say, she is very lucky to have a daughter like you! While it’s true, all Moms want is to feel appreciated, we also want to feel and look our best! Spa Luxetique offers so many amazing spa and bath gift sets that will help your Mom slow down, relax and treat herself. At great price points and amazing scents, I’m sure we can find a special gift for her. Below are some great suggestions:

  • Three Piece Hand Cream Gift Set: This set comes in a beautiful box with a ribbon, so it is already gift wrapped for you! The three lotions are scented in Lavender, Rose & Vanilla. The hand creams are formulated with shea butter, natural aloe and Vitamin E. They are great for her skin and smell great!
  • Starlight Dreams Gift Set: This set comes with eight bath bombs, six aromatherapy shower steamers and four scented candles. This is a perfect way to encourage relaxation in the bath, shower and anywhere in the home!
  • Rose Bath Tote: Rose is such a great scent, especially because all woman loves flowers! This tote bag is beautiful and fashionable, so I’m sure she’ll get a ton of use out of it! It comes with two bath bombs, a hand soap, a hand cream, a shower gel, body lotion, body butter, bubble bath, bath salt and a loofah.
  • Daisy Dreams Tote: This is another larger spa tote gift set. This bag is large in size so very versatile. The daisy scent is light and uplifting, which is sure to put her in a good mood! This set includes a shower gel, bubble bath, six flower soaps (so pretty!), a hand cream, body lotion, two jelly bath bombs, a body butter, bath salt, essential oil, shampoo bar (up to 50 washes per bar!), loofah, hair drying towel and a body brush.


I’m sure all of these sets will make your Mom feel and look her best. Most importantly, they will make her feel happy and loved by you (which is the best gift of all!) Let me know which set you chose in the comments below & how much your Mom loved it. P.S. Happy Birthday to your Mom!


Love and well wishes,


September 05, 2021 — Audrey C

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