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Hi Audrey! I have been washing my hands and using hand sanitizer more than ever. My hands have never been so dry! They feel cracked and very rough. What products do you suggest for hand rejuvenation?

Mission: Moisture Rescue


Dear Mission: Moisture Rescue

Hand care is SO important! Due to Covid-19 we are all using hand sanitizer and washing our hands more than ever. While this is so important, it is also important to remember to take extra steps to moisturize our hands as well. There are many reasons for cracked, dry skin: hand washing, sanitizer use, swimming, dry weather, washing dishes frequently, pretty much most elements we encounter daily! In order to keep your hands moisturized I suggest using hand cream as a follow up to each time you wash your hands and before bed. Moisturizing before bed is so important because it gives the lotion time to sink into your skin and work at an optimal level.

Did you know that Spa Luxetique’s hand lotions have shea butter in them? Shea butter is such an important ingredient in hand cream. Shea butter boosts skin moisture, has antioxidants (which means anti-aging properties), helps fight dry, itchy skin and has anti-inflammatory properties which naturally soothes skin problems. The below three sets are some of my favorite gift sets from Spa Luxetique.

  • 3 Piece Hand Cream Gift Set: This set has three 4 Fl oz hand creams that come in a beautiful ribbon envelope box. The scents are Almond, Cherry Blossom and Ocean. These are full size and extra nourishing.
  • 6 Piece Hand Cream Gift Set: This set comes in a beautiful foil printed box with a ribbon. The six hand creams are 1 Fl oz each which makes them the perfect size to keep anywhere! I keep one next to my kitchen sink, in my car, my purse and next to my night stand. They are also the perfect size to travel. The scents are: Lavender, Rose, Green Tea, Cherry Blossom, Ocean and Shea Almond.
  • 6 Piece Hand Cream and Two Soaps: This set is great because it comes with six 1 Fl oz hand creams in scents: Almond, Ocean, Cherry Blossom, Vanilla, Rose and Lavender. It also comes with two 3-in-1 bar soaps which are also moisturizing and made with shea butter. These bars are scented in Ocean and Rose

I hope one of these three sets can help provide the hand repair and rejuvenation you are looking for. Let me know which set you choose and if your hands are back to feeling and looking their best!


Love and well wishes,


September 11, 2021 — Audrey C

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