The Bathroom: A Unique Place to Unwind

The bathroom is a magical space in the home. I used to think it exists in a different dimension from the rest of the world. When the shower head turns on and water flows down from above, it not only cleanses the body but also untangles and washes the clutter in the mind. Religious ceremonies often require a baptism to receive the will of the divine. The baptism completes the ritual and makes it sacred.

For ordinary people, bathing can provide a similar ritualistic feeling every day. Closing the door, turning on the soft mood lighting, listening to the sound of water flowing over the body, in this moment, all is quiet except for the sound of water. And only when you hear the water do you hear the sound of stillness. So it's hard to keep the grime and negative emotions of the day stored in your body.

The Magical Healing Power of Bathing

Showering and bathing make it easiest to enter a meditative state. The real sound of running water is like soft music. In such a relaxed state, it's easier to focus, and focus leads to flow. Entering flow is entering a meditative state. Outwardly you are washing your body, but your mind has actually entered a dimension of complete relaxation. The comfort after a bath or shower is probably the healing brought by the infusion of higher-level energy.

Therefore, I'm increasingly inclined to appreciate the magical healing effects of the bathroom. All kinds of bath oils and skin care products can add elements of joy. I prefer natural fragrances, like woodsy hair wash and floral fruity bath oil. An exquisite fragrance can transport you to a dreamy world conjured by a perfumer.

I still remember the first time I squeezed some liquid from a SPA LUXETIQUE bath oil bottle. The refreshing aroma filled the entire room, as if I was in a sea of flowers. With eyes closed, I could even envision a girl in a white sundress frolicking lightly on the grass. She would occasionally stop to observe a wild flower, hugging her knees and tilting her head to look at a butterfly perched on a petal, while the sunshine happened to fall on her. It was the scent of summer, a spirited freshness that tells you even a soft and limpid fragrance can have a passionate side.

Since then, whenever I escape the concrete jungle of the city, wander in the damp southern winter, or go days without seeing the sun, I use this natural plant-based bath set. It moisturizes my skin while providing a unique fragrance experience. It helps wash away fatigue in the bathroom and revitalize body and mind. The next time you are tired, try this bath set and give yourself a soothing spa moment.

October 16, 2023 — Qiu Tina

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