Autumn's crisp air has filled the streets, with October, November and December approaching, the US is entering a season full of warmth and celebration. Over these three months, we welcome a series of festivals with distinct characteristics, each bringing unique cultural traditions and ways of celebration. At the same time, the Spa Luxetique brand offers a wide range of high-quality body care products, which make perfect holiday gifts, bringing endless warmth and relaxation to your family and friends.

October: Halloween 

October brings the colors and excitement of autumn. This month, we welcome Halloween, a season of joyful costumes, home decoration, and trick-or-treating. Children look forward to the long-awaited moment to dress up in Halloween costumes, while parents begin planning to decorate their homes.


November: Thanksgiving  

Thanksgiving is a heartwarming holiday that emphasizes gratitude and gathering. It's a time for family and friends to come together and share food. Thanksgiving is characterized by hostess gifts, family traditions, and celebrating appreciation.

December: Christmas

Finally, we welcome one of the most popular holidays of the year, Christmas. December is a time full of decorations, gifts, and excitement. Whether you enjoy candlelight, Christmas trees, or traditional Christmas cards, Christmas is a unique season filled with joy and love.

Best Gift Guide

Now, let's explore how Spa Luxetique's body care products can be the perfect holiday gift, allowing you to enjoy moments of self-care while celebrating the holidays to the fullest. Why not make this holiday season even more special and memorable by opting for a luxurious soak at the end of your celebration!

Scented Candles

Whether on Halloween's spooky nights, Thanksgiving family dinners, or Christmas' heartwarming moments, Spa Luxetique scented candles can create a tranquil, cozy atmosphere.

  • Strawberry Lemon Candle: Light the strawberry lemon candle, allowing the ripe strawberries and sweet lemons to energize your holiday activities.
  • Balsam Cedar Candle: Balsam cedar soothes the stress from celebrating holidays all day, bringing tranquility and aiding restful sleep.

Bath Gift Sets

Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, bathing can be a delightful experience, and each of Spa Luxetique's select gift sets uses natural fragrances with remarkable therapeutic properties to provide an immersive, sensory experience that keeps the celebratory season warm and delightful. This not only ensures that your audience feels relaxed and moisturized, but also conveys your care and blessings. So, no matter who the recipient is during this season of celebration, these carefully selected bath sets will make a memorable holiday gift.

  • 8pc gift sets and 12pc gift sets for you to choose from: all the set includes a range of carefully selected bath products such as shower gel, bubble bath, body cream and bath bombs. These products are enough to provide a pleasant bathing experience and add a special ritual to the holiday season.  

Importantly, these sets offer selections of fragrances like calm lavender, warm vanilla, and fragrant floral to satisfy different preferences and provide unique bathing experiences.

24 pc Christmas Advant Calendar

The Christmas calendar is a gift full of anticipation, not only helping recipients count down to Christmas, but also hiding surprise mini-gifts for each day. It's an exciting way to welcome the holiday season. Get set for a festive journey with our coveted Advent Calendar! Unveil 24 special surprises to discover SPA Luxetique's beloved icons, unique fragrances, and exciting new finds. It's not just a countdown, it's a daily dose of delight this holiday season for yourself or the beloved ones.


Whether it's Halloween candy joy, Thanksgiving family reunion, or Christmas surprise feast, Spa Luxetique scented candles create a warm, pleasant atmosphere. Bath gift sets allow you to relax in fragrance, welcoming the arrival of holidays. And don't forget the limited-edition Christmas calendar, unboxing daily surprises along the way.

During this heartwarming festival season, purchase Spa Luxetique's diverse body care collections, deliver warmth and blessings to family and friends, and share festive happy moments together. Wishing everyone a holiday celebration filled with laughter and ritual.

October 20, 2023 — Qiu Tina

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