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Hi Audrey! I love taking a daily bath, but I do see some wear and tear on my tub, do you have any suggestions on how I can help clean and maintain it?  

Brighter Bathtub Days Ahead


Dear Brighter Bathtub Days Ahead,

This is something that we don’t talk about enough! Bathtub maintenance is so important and helps keep your spa days uninterrupted. Luckily all of our products at Spa Luxetique are made to not stain your bathtub (yes, even the bath bombs!) so that is something you never have to worry about. Below are the steps I take to maintain a clean and fresh bath tub.

  • Rinse the tub after each use. Even though the bath itself may seem like a rinse, it’s not, especially when using product. I simply run some extra water into the tub & move it around with my hand. This is especially important if you use bath or Epsom salt!
  • Use a gentle cleanser weekly. There are a ton of spray-on bathtub cleansers. I like to use this weekly to help prevent mildew or unwanted buildup.
  • If you have a spa bathtub with jets, flush out the jets monthly. This is a little bit more of an undertaking, but it is important to clean out the jets. I always take a towel and wipe around the outside and inside the jet with gentle cleanser on it. It is also recommended to fill the tub with water (slightly above jet level), add vinegar, turn off the air induction valve and turn on the jets. Let the jets run for about 15 minutes. This step can be repeated if necessary.
  • Scrub the entire tub monthly. I always use a scrub brush and try to do a deep clean of my tub each month. This help to remove any buildup or residual bath product.

I hope these steps help you maintain your bathtub better! Let me know if you have any additional cleaning solutions in the comments below!

Love and well wishes,


July 22, 2021 — Audrey C

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