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Hi Audrey! I LOVE using bath bombs! I was wondering if there were any benefits to using bath bombs, besides smelling great & changing the color of my water?  

Bath Bomb Benefits?!

Dear Bath Bomb Benefits?!

Bath bombs are an amazing product! They come in a variety of color & scents. I also try to match the scent to my mood. But bath bombs are more than a pretty (and fun!) product. They also have incredible skin benefits. Spa Luxetiques bath bombs are made with natural ingredients that help retain moisture, restore & rejuvenate your skin! The skin benefits are endless and a fun way to help nourish your skin! There are three amazing products that include bath bombs that I recommend from Spa Luxetique:

  • Star Light Dreams Gift Set: This deluxe gift set includes 8 bubble bath bombs, 6 aromatherapy shower steams and four scented candles! It has everything you need to treat your skin weather you shower, bath or relax afterwards! It’s the perfect gift for everyone.
  • 12 Piece Bath Bomb Gift Set: This 12-piece bath bomb gift set has 6 different fragrance and is formulated with the finest ingredient including pure essential oils! This helps rejuvenate tired muscles while leaving your skin soft & supple. They are also made with shea butter & coconut oil!
  • Moondust Magic Gift Set: This amazing jumbo bath bomb gift set has twelve different scents, with one to match every mood! (Including: calming lavender, sensual rose, uplifting cherry blossom, renewing green tea, soothing ocean, lemon sherbet, grapefruit, coconut lime, lily, vanilla, mint & strawberry!)

If you want to learn more about the different uses check our guide on how to use bath bombs.

Let me know how you see your skin transform after making bath bombs a part of your everyday routine!

Love and well wishes,


July 29, 2021 — Audrey C

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