Bath bombs offer health benefits and enhance the bathing experience with their aromas, colors, and fizzing effect.



At SPA Luxetique, we offer a smorgasbord of bath bombs for an explosion of bathing delight. Dive into our complete range of top-notch bath products for a truly blissful and rejuvenating soak!


For those who are not yet fans of bath bombs, they will soon become one! Many bath bombs are designed to enhance the enjoyable elements of bath time, transforming a regular bath into a therapeutic and highly pleasurable experience.

Our bath bombs contain various essential oils, providing aromatherapy benefits. Scent choice is crucial for specific bath benefits. For instance, lavender naturally relaxes your mind, body, and soul. For a restful sleep, try a lavender bath bomb before bedtime.

Is this catching your attention? Come on over and check out the fabulously fizzy and fab ingredients of bath bombs.

Are there any benefits to bath bombs?

Yes, so it is no surprise bath bombs are so popular. They are cleansing, effervescent, lively, and fragrant. More importantly, they have delightful scents, healing properties and with your selected scent, can help transport you to a different place of relaxation. Bath bombs are just what you need to take your bathing experience to the next level.

Bath bombs historically included colors and fragrances to make them even more fun and now also come with spinning and revolving effects. 

Today’s bath bomb ingredients include:

  • citric acid
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • scents: peppermint,
  • softeners
  • essential oils
  • emollients
  • colorants

Not all bath bombs contain all the above ingredients, but most have a lot of benefits. Let's take a look at them. We should include spa luxetqiue’s benefits since this is our page not a general google search. Also, don’t ours contain shea butter and vitamin E? Those are important ingredients to note.

What are the health benefits of bath bombs?

Multiple studies and surveys show the benefits of bath bombs. Here are a few of them: 

Bath bombs are organic

Bath bombs contain materials commonly found in an average household, like sodium bicarbonate. They don't have a complex chemical makeup like shampoos and soaps. A bath bomb has simple ingredients with added colors and benefit-inducing elements.  PLEASE CONFIRM THIS WITH OUR FORMULA. I do not believe that our formula is organic.

Hydrate dry skin

Bath bombs contain salts that elevate the salinity of your bath water when they dissolve in it, which makes your skin absorb essential salts. The increased salt concentration in your skin cells makes your skin absorb more water to dilute the salt and restore balance. This process hydrates your skin, so bath bombs leave tired skin glowing, healthier, and more youthful. Regardless of skin type, your skin will be left feeling soft, silky, supple, and velvety.

Detox your skin

The salts in the bath bomb increase the water content in your skin and make it easier for your body to eliminate toxic chemicals. The toxins are diluted by the water in your skin and then excreted as sweat. The detox process helps cleanse and moisturize your skin, leaving it looking and feeling smoother and far younger. There are no harsh irritants in a bath bomb.

Helps muscle and body soreness & aches

When combined with a hot water solution, salts in the bath bomb provide relief for stressed muscles. A fact that has been proven time and time again through multiple surveys and studies. Muscle relaxation decreases muscle-related pain, alleviates tired muscles, and calms stressed joints too.

Relieves stress & anxiety

Another known effect is that the ingredients create a brief sense of euphoria. The bath bomb's fragrance is known to induce the secretion of dopamine and serotonin, both of which are related to happiness. Therefore, they relieve stress and cause peaceful sensations while used in a warm bath.

Battle Insomnia

If you battle with insomnia we suggest using a bath bomb in warm water before bed time. They have great calming effects and are good for your skin and soul. Scent is also important, Lavender is suggested to naturally reduce stress and promote relaxation. The different scents serve to produce a calming effect, similar to aromatherapy. It helps overcome fatigue and relaxes the body entirely, allowing you to drift off to sleep in no time. 

Strengthen blood vessels

Your skin absorbs the essential salts and other ingredients your body requires, which enter the bloodstream, effectively strengthening the blood vessels and keeping diseases at bay. In the long run, you will notice your breathing become better, and your movement becomes painless. You will also see your joints move farther than they used to.

Create ambient atmosphere

Bath bombs are great for creating a truly relaxing atmosphere. The fizzy ingredients and the fizzy effect in the tub out-shine most other bath products! A relaxing soak in a soothing environment in the evening is a joyful experience after a long day and induces a happy mood. It can also improve sleep after the bath, making it a singular solution for various problems. Indulge and pamper yourself with a combination of luxurious bubbles and soothing and moisturizing essential oils to nourish your body. Create a luxury spa-like ambiance in your bathroom at home.


Bath bombs make your skin feel soft and hydrated and provide aromatherapy. There are four main bath bomb benefits: they make for a pleasant sensory experience; they're relaxing and help create a calm mental state and can dissolve sebaceous wastes (which helps fight acne); and finally, they can hydrate the skin. After a long hard day, bath bombs are just what you need & the perfect way to relax!

Spa Luxetique offers a variety of bath bombs of the highest quality, carefully selected for their health benefits. Our bath bombs help soothe your mood while you relax and enjoy a healthy bath. Go on - indulge yourself and discover the bath bomb experience! You'll thank us for it and so will your skin!


June 21, 2023 — Audrey C

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