Eucalyptus Mint Bubble Bath

$11.99 USD


Submerge in the exhilarating scents of eucalyptus and mint from the comfort of your bathtub.

Experience sheer tranquility as you soak away the stresses of the day. Filled with gentle ingredients, discover a whole new level of self-care that nurtures both your mind and body. Now, you can indulge your desires with the ultimate pampering experience and let this bubble bath transport you to the most peaceful state of mind.

Package notes: Our blend of natural ingredients permeate this luxurious bubble bath while delivering deeply hydrating properties that cleanse and revive your skin. Immerse yourself using nature's most effective healing tools.

It’s Bubble Time!


Eucalyptus Mint


Eucalyptus oil, Aloe, Vitamin E, Castor oil.

• No Paraben/Phthalates
• Gluten free/No Artificial Dyes
• Not tested on animals

Submerge yourself in a blissful array of herbs and aromas, with eucalyptus and mint playing the starring role. Escape stress and soothe your spirit as you sink into the comfort of your own bathtub. Filled with all-natural ingredients, experience a higher level of self-care and let this bubble bath lead you to a new realm of peacefulness. Pamper your skin while matching nature's most restorative healing powers. Our perfected blend of natural elements gives this luxurious bubble bath deeply hydrating and cleansing abilities.


surprise meets luxurious relaxation


Imagine a world of pure bliss, and discover two carefully-selected bath gift sets from us when you open the box.

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