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Hi Audrey! I have my morning skin care & makeup routine down to a science, I do feel like I am neglecting my body & complete skin care. Do you have any suggestions for how I can improve my body care routine?  

Looking for full skincare


Dear Looking for full skincare,

I can totally relate to your dilemma! I noticed that I also have only been caring for my skin from the neck up. But, just like with everything else, you can’t expect your body to stay hydrated, supple and looking its best without giving it proper care. My suggestion is purchasing the Spa Luxetique lavender spa basket. It has EVERYTHING you need to pamper your skin. This set includes soap & shower gel (having clean skin is the first and most important step to good skin care), bubble bath, two bath bombs, body lotion, body scrub, body butter, massage oil, bath salt, a bath puff, hand cream, and a towel hair wrap all packaged in a (reusable) cloth box.

After your skin is clean, I always use the body scrub to exfoliate my skin. Spa Luxetique’s formula is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t dry out your skin. After my skin is clean & exfoliated, I moisturize my body. Luckily the formula is fast drying and made with vitamin E & sunflower seed oil. Sometimes, I use the relaxing lavender massage oil at night to relax my body and mind even more!

Let me know if these suggestions help improve your skin!


Love and well wishes,



bath & body care routine spa gift basket


July 08, 2021 — Audrey C

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