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Hi Audrey! I am looking for a way to pamper myself more at night. I need help unwinding after a long day. Do you have any suggestions?   

Ready to Relax


Dear Ready to Relax,

I hear you! It seems that we are all wearing so many different hats and juggling so many different aspects of life! I too, often find it hard to relax and calm down. Some things I love to do after a long day to help unwind include meditate, yoga, have a hot cup of tea, listening to a podcast and of course taking a stress-relieving bath! Finding 20 minutes a day to treat yourself has incredible mental health benefits.

Three products that are perfect to incorporate into your nighttime routine are Spa Luxetique’s 15 pcs lavender gift basket, the cosmic dreams collection (perfect to unwind and rejuvenate), and the cosmic dreams bath caddy gift set. All three sets come with tons of items to give yourself a true at home spa experience. With three different scents, there is sure to be an option to best fit your mood! And as always, the items are made with natural ingredients, so as you are relaxing mentally, your skin and body health is improving!

What are your favorite ways to relax? Tell me in the comments below!


Love and well wishes,


July 08, 2021 — Audrey C

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