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Hi Audrey! I am in search of the perfect body care routine that will not only benefit my body but my mind as well. Do you have any recommendations for me?




Dear Sabrina,

It is so incredibly important to take care of not only your physical appearance but your mental state as well. One of my go-to products is the relaxing bath sea salt trio by Spa Luxetique. This all-inclusive gift set includes rose, lavender and chamomile bath salts, argan oil and three bath bombs-talk about a steal! These bath salts are reviving and restoring to your skin, each with their own floral aromas that create a revitalizing soakinUni Chengg environment. They are great for relaxing the mind and body and always leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Pro tip: mix these bath salts with the vanilla shower gel from the vanilla Spa Luxetique Bath Set to create your own body scrub!

Love and well wishes,


June 10, 2021 — Audrey C
Tags: Body Care

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