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Hi Audrey!

I am so excited that me and my friends have a summer packed full of parties, events & celebration! After last summer, where we spent the majority of it socially distanced & at home, we are really looking forward to this! Do you have any suggestions for me on what I can gift to my friends who are hosting different get togethers? What is the best way to say, “thank you!” and “I appreciate you?”

Out & about for Summer 2021!



Dear Out & about for Summer 2021!

I am so happy that you are looking forward to summer just as much as I am! It is SO important to thank your hosts with a thoughtful gift. I used to just bring a bottle of wine, but after the party or event, there was nothing left for the host herself. That’s why, I now love to gift a Spa Luxetqiue gift set! My top three recommendations are below:

  • Lavender Spa Bath Set  This set is formulated with natural ingredients. It is made with sunflower seed oil, vitamin E & essential oils. Not only is it beautiful (& comes in an adorable reusable bath tub!) but it also is good for your skin. Your hostess will appreciate your thought, long after your gone!
  • White Jasmine Bath Set  Warning, this set is so beautiful, you may want to get an extra one for yourself! This set is also made with the same natural ingredients but is a 12-piece spa set! It includes everything you need for an at home spa experience. My favorite part? The white rose petal soaps, they are almost too pretty to use!
  • Tahiti Island Bath Tote  This set is hard NOT to love! It is beautiful & comes in a tote bag that is perfect for beach days! It has 15 difference pieces in it, all ideal for a relaxing bath. The scent transports you mentally to a tropical island! It’s the perfect way to pamper yourself in and out of the home.

 I hope these suggestions help! I know your friends and hostess will LOVE these gifts! Tell us if you purchased any yourself below!


Love & well wishes,



June 25, 2021 — Audrey C

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